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12 April 2021


Vaccines, european weakness and italian pharmaceuticals strenghts

Domenico Mastrolitto, Executive Director at Campus Bio-Medico Spa and Giovanni Scanagatta, Professor of Economic and Monetary Policy at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” analyze the features of the vaccination plan of the European Union and the strengths of Italian pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical multinationals have imposed their conditions, the heavy bureaucracy has slowed down the processes and Europe, although owns global pharmaceutical giants, has not been able to start independent production.

The delay of vaccination campaigns has also forced some countries to individual behavior, such as the ban on exports and the drive to national production, as in the case of Italy with the new government Draghi.

It’s time to gather the best forces in the European Union, taking a big leap in quality and cohesion. 

24 March 2021

Corriere della Sera

University, future challenge

The post Covid scenarios of the university are the focus of the debate and the theme of the new essay-discussion between the President of the Conference of Rectors of the Italian Universities Ferruccio Resta and the columnist Ferruccio De Bortoli entitled “Restarting from knowledge”.

The empty classrooms due to the virus and the sudden need to continue teaching are an opportunity to reflect on the university in general and the need for figures that are formed in the round thanks to the sharing of scientific and humanistic knowledge.

The university system will have to move towards specialization with ad hoc programs and strategic alliances between universities will allow the free movement of students, encouraging flexibility and innovation.

29 January 2021


From man to cyborg, an evolution to manage with care

The analysis of Giovanni Di Pino, Professor of Human Physiology and Director of the Unit Research of Neuroengineering of Interaction between man and technology at Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome consider that man has always interfaced with his surroundings and experimented the possibility of evolving new skills and instead of adapting to the environment, it changes it.

Man experiences the possibility of evolving by developing new skills through the development of tools. The development of tools is indeed the origin of modern technology. However, in the biomedical field, today the rapid growth of technology, which is becoming increasingly anthropomorphic and able to interface directly with the brain, presents us with an unprecedented challenge.

It seems difficult to identify the boundary between man and technology, with the risk of incurring dehumanization. Cybernetic prosthetics, implantable artificial intelligence (AI), bionic surgery, and artificial sensors are able to replace those functions that the body has lost, resulting in a natural and artificial fusion.

In short, we must not fear dehumanization, but we must lead a decisive step.

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18 November 2021


Work begins on the new “CUBO” teaching building

23 July 2021


In the 2022/2023 academic year, the new Ucbm building

16 June 2021

30th Campus Bio-Medico SpA Shareholders’ Meeting

13 May 2021

Intesa Sanpaolo supports the development of the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome with a loan of 50 million with innovative sustainability features

30 March 2021


Trial started. Coronavirus patients will be recognized by dogs

28 March 2021

Buongiorno Regione Lazio

The Andrea D’Ambrosio path, weel-being and biodiversity in the Decima Malafede Reserve

18 March 2021

Legambiente Lazio

Environment in the center – Parks and protected areas… towards Rome that we want