Our mission

Campus Bio-Medico SpA is the organization set up to promote the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome and the company which owns the buildings occupied by the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital and the land on which the university campus stands.

About us

Campus Bio-Medico SpA

Campus Bio-Medico SpA ensures the pursuit of the University’s institutional objectives and is engaged in developing new projects to further its growth, by offering the support of its managerial and entrepreneurial resources. Company shareholders comprise non-profit organizations, business people and private or institutional investors.

The institutions promoting the University are the Associazione Campus Bio-Medico and Campus Bio-Medico SpA. Between them, they ensure the pursuit of the institutional objectives set forth in Statuto and in the Carta delle Finalità of Rome’s Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital, also through the appointment of five representatives of each organization on the University’s Board of Directors.
On the recommendations of its institutional promoters, the Board of Directors appoints the Chairman and, possibly a Deputy Chairman, the General Manager of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital and the Board of Auditors. Furthermore, once authorization has been granted by the institutional promoters, the Board of Directors approves the Articles of Association and any subsequent revision. Institutional backers are the Association Amici dell'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma (Association of Friends of the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome) and the Alberto Sordi Foundation.



Code of Ethics

Campus Bio-Medico SpA has adopted an organization, management and control model aimed at reinforcing the transparency and honesty underlying all aspects of its activities, in line with its values of responsibility and spirit of service.

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An activity based on service

Ever since 1988, when Monseigneur Álvaro del Portillo has created the “Pensatoio” and conceived the idea to set up a University Clinic in Rome, the activities promoted by Campus Bio-Medico SpA have continued to develop and support the community.