Our activities

Campus Bio-Medico SpA owns and manages a real estate complex whose buildings amount to an overall surface area of 90,000 sq m, including theCampus Bio-Medico University Hospital with its 400 beds, and 90 hectares of land, part of which is comprised in the Decima Malafede Nature Reserve in Rome.

What we do

Projects and activities

The objectives of the Campus Bio-Medico limited liability company also comprise the construction, leasing and management of comprehensive health centres, clinics, hospitals, day hospitals and, generally speaking, facilities adequately equipped to care for patients and their accompaniers, along with research, study and development activities, the preparation and management of vehicles, healthcare equipment and materials. Here below are some of the most significant projects already completed or in course:

  • Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital
  • University Hospital parking facilities
  • Borgo Primo Centro Guesthouse
  • Nursery and Preschool
  • "Andrea D'Ambrosio" Nature trail
  • Plantation facilities and technological greenhouses
  • New building for teaching

Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital

design project and execution, 2004/07: 70,000 sq m, 400 beds at the service of the Italian NHS, Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited, DEA I grade;

University Hospital parking facilities

project, construction and management, 2004/to date: 2,000 parking lots extending over 3 floors, at the service of the University Polyclinic;

Borgo Primo Centro Guesthouse

design project, construction and management, 2009/to date: approx. 2,000 sq m, about 50 lodgings for students and teaching staff;

Nursery and Preschool

design project and construction, 2016: 2,000 sq m, 200 places available for the children of the University’s employees and local families;

"Andrea D'Ambrosio" Nature trail

design project and execution, 2015: nature trails and cycling/pedestrian paths extending for about 7 km and 1 new wet zone within the Decima Malafede Nature Reserve;

Plantation facilities and technological greenhouses

on-going project design: to support teaching and research activities with a view to environmental sustainability and the blue-economy;

New building for teaching

on-going project design: a new building designed for innovative teaching methods with flexible and modular classrooms, informal learning areas and a new Simulation centre.